Monday, June 22, 2009

Picking up a new hobby

This is my first "pick".  I'll be exploring exactly what that means in the future, but my intention is to create a blog primarily for therapeutic reasons.  I'll talk about things that are interesting to me, or that I need to rant about, or whatever.  Y'know, the normal things people do when they've never blogged before - only I have "clever" puns for mine.  Hopefully someone will enjoy reading it as well, but that's just gravy.  :)

So, what categories should we have? 

I'm pretty sure I want to include:

- Movie Picks (movie reviews)
- Game Picks (game reviews)
- Web Picks (cool websites and web content)
- Nitpicks (minor things to gripe about for fun)
- Bones to Pick (major issues I feel the need to discuss)
- Cool Pix (not sure about this one, but might be nice to have some pictures)
- Pickles (conundrums, problems, questions for the anonymous world)

Some of these could use better names - any suggestions?  Also, what should we call generic posts?  I'm gonna call them Pick-less for now, since they have no picks.  

Additionally, the Labels widget is ugly.  I'm hoping to get a nice horizontal menu bar, but I've spent an hour already trying to get one to work and that's enough for now.

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