Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Amazon Finally Drops Forced 1-Click

So, it's a bit strange to give credit to someone for ceasing doing something stupid ("Hey Johnny, I'm so proud of you for not licking a frozen pole this year!"), but as a constant source of stress and annoyance to me I feel like recognition should be given for a company making a change that its users have been clamoring for.

Amazon has this concept of 1-click purchasing. It's very convenient for some, but is also risky, which is why they allow you to opt-out of it and use a traditional cart system if you'd prefer. That is, unless you want to buy MP3s. In that case, apparently you're so computer-savvy that you must have such incredible control of your mouse that it's impossible miss-click, so there's clearly no reason to allow you to opt-out of MP3 1-click purchases.

As someone whose touchpad occasionally jumps without warning, this makes browsing MP3s very nerve-wracking. Despite not missclicking yet, I had written a few emails complaining about this policy but received no response. Having checked online other users simply recommended removing your credit card info from Amazon to protect yourself.

Fortunately, Amazon finally saw the errors in their ways and now gives you a single confirmation page when you click a 1-click purchase button. Yeah, sure, it's not technically "one click" any more, but it's still incredibly fast and efficient, while also preventing your from accidentally purchasing things with a single missed click. Plus, if you're adventurous, you can turn off the confirmation screen and go back to true one-click purchases. So, thank you Amazon. It should have been like this earlier, but at least you had the guts to recognize the mistake and make the change that your customers have requested.

As a side note, Amazon does deserve credit for having some of the best customer support of any company I've worked with. They're fast, knowledgeable, and have always been helpful. Credit where credit is due.

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