Sunday, October 11, 2009

Recommended Daily-Deals Sites

I have a small collection of sites that I check regularly to keep up on any special deals or discounts that might be available on that particular day. I will warn in advance: this can often lead to spending when you weren't planning on it (one of the sites even has the oh-so-true tagline "How to go broke saving money"). That said, I've found some amazing deals on these. There is going to be some overlap of the big stories too, but I've seen enough variety that I often find it worthwhile to have at least two of these on permanently-open tabs in my browser. - This might be my favorite all-around deal site. It's well-written and often has useful information and extra links on top of the deals. Occasionally has some non-techy deals but usually focuses on computers, gaming, and electronics. - This is a great source for deals on games and hardware (especially on hardware - they tend to be very on top of the current cheapest deals on the net if you're looking to buy a new system). I used to focus primarily on their more specific site, but this one is a bit broader so I'm starting to favor it. - Don't be fooled by the name - while it may aim to focus on Apple products it has a lot of other deals as well. Most specifically, I daily read their RSS feed on MP3 deals and have gotten some amazing deals through them. In fact, I've built up a fairly decent (legal!) library almost entirely from scratch using these deals and have only spent more than $5 on one album so far (Chili Pepper's Blood Sugar Sex Magic, which is totally worth full price anyway). Just last week, I purchased Jason Mraz's Mr. A-Z, Daft Punks's Discovery, and Radiohead's Kid-A in one day for a combined total of $5.98. - For some reason I haven't kept up with this one as well recently but I used to follow it religiously. I'd still recommend it as it is loaded with a variety of daily deals and probably has the strongest forums (including one on each deal) and community of any of these sites.

Oh, good lord...I just looked at PS3 with an extra controller for $249? I'm currently debating the benefits of a blu-ray player with my wife. See, I wasn't kidding with that warning at the beginning. Anyway, does anyone else have any good deal sites they would recommend I check out?

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