Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Unlock Xbox" Flops

Wow, it's been a month since my last post. Sorry everyone! Between being sick and traveling to San Fran, Nashville, and Louisville, it's been a busy month. Anyway, I just came across something I needed to rant about, so here I am.

So, who's heard of Doritos' Unlock Xbox contest? It is a game-design competition where people submitted game designs with the goal of having Doritos sponsor the two best ones to create an Xbox Arcade game. They just started showing off the 8 "finalists".

My only reaction is "Why the hell did I not enter this competition?" I've looked at the first four, and it's just gut-wrenchingly depressing so far. These games are not original (in all cases I can name a game that's done exactly the same thing), are poorly thought-out/pitched, and I have to say the marketing people did a horrible job making these people look like even remotely socially-adjusted. I know many of us are geeks, but come on...yeesh...

Anyway, I'm just ticked off (and slightly ill) at this point. This competition would have been almost a guaranteed win for anyone who really put some time into it and came up with something new. Honestly, I feel bad for Doritos if these are legitimately the best suggestions they got. Gah - how did I not enter this competition? *headdesk*

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  1. I remember another Doritos competition. That competition was to create an ad that would be shown on tv. There were only about 5 good submissions out of the 10 finalists, and none of these ads were actually shown on television. It's probably just Doritos way of marketing. Even if they don't get good submissions the competitions have been heard about and Doritos is talked about more.